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Mariah Carey

“He is the chef of the future!“
Mariah Carey

The Best Dinner Party Chef and Catering Staff in Los Angeles

Allow Chef S.T., the best extravagant dinner party chef and his incredible catering staff, take care of your luxury dinner parties in Los Angeles. Depending on your dinner party requirements and desires, Chef S.T. will provide your first-class plans with full-service catering and staff. Chef S.T. promises a memorable evening filled with gourmet foods, detailed service and remarkable company. His vibrant and creative personality will show through his cooking, décor, and the mannerisms of his staff.

Dining with Chef S.T. is a one-of-a-kind experience. His accommodating and experienced catering staff— servers, mixologist, maid service, bartender, and more— will be sure to assist you and your party with whatever you desire. The night will start off with a set table of 4-5 starters to share. From there, the 1st course will take place, followed by the 2nd course, and the evening will end with a mouthwatering dessert entree. Chef S.T. creates creative gourmet foods with a unique twist.

When hiring Chef S.T. and his team of catering experts, you will be presented with a variety of venue choices located in luxury homes, along with three superb menu options to select from. A professional dinner host will guide your guests throughout the night and describe everything in precise detail. Dinner parties must have a minimum of 6 guests. For a dinner occasion for two, there is special pricing and menu. Check out the menu options for your luxury dinner party or private dinner occasion. For inquires, questions and concerns, please contact Chef S.T.