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“He is the chef of the future!“
Mariah Carey

creative & inventive with food

Incredible Personal Chef and Culinary Artist in Los Angeles

Welcome to the official website of Chef S.T. Takvoryan, an incredible personal chef and culinary artist in Los Angeles. Chef S.T. passionately transforms ingredients into exquisite tastes and remarkable flavors of zest, accompanied with swirled or sprinkled notes of art for the pleasure of his guests. The driven and creative chef is available to hire for luxury dinner parties and as a personal gourmet celebrity chef.

Starting at the young age of 14, Chef S.T. fell in love with the art of food and cooking. His makings of becoming a successful chef started when he was working at his father’s restaurant. From there, he went on to attend culinary school and founded Kitchen X Catering Company. After years and years of persistent grit, shuffling from kitchen to kitchen, trial and error, and unexpected curveballs, Chef S.T. is now a highly successful chef! He is currently a celebrity chef, for the rich, famous and exclusive.

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From the surprise menu selection, room ambience, to the location setting, the outcome will all be determined by the chef’s mood.

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Luxury Dinner

Depending on your dinner party requirements and desires, Chef S.T. will provide your first-class plans with full-service catering and staff.

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Personal Chef

Chef S.T. is undoubtedly one of the best celebrity chefs in Los Angeles. He is passionate about providing incredible personal chef service.

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On top of being a first-class celebrity chef, Chef S.T. founded Mood.Popup along with Chef Michael Kay. Mood is a members only exclusive popup experience that takes place in various venues all throughout the city. The menu, ambiance, and setting will depend on whatever Chef S.T & Chef Michael Kay are in the Mood for.  From the moment the members enter to experience Mood, they will have the unique opportunity to watch, feel and savor the culinary creations and inner workings of these passionate gurus. But food is only the gateway to Mood as the real experience is an immersive one, combining different shapes and forms of Art, including but not limited to live painting, jamming, dancing and whatever else the Chefs & Co. are in the Mood for.

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.” -Marcus Cooks, No Passports Required, PBS.

For further information, questions and concerns in regards to Chef S.T.’s exclusive celebrity personal chef services, his Mood.Popup experience, or luxurious dinner party catering, please reach out and contact Chef S.T.

Celebrity Personal Chef

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